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1884 SupportNouveauMediumWhat’s product listing and how it can benefit me in my online business?01/16/2019 09:11 am
1882 BugNouveauMediumEdu01/10/2019 08:07 am
1881 BugNouveauMediumbig01/10/2019 08:04 am
1877 BugNouveauMediumproblem in uploading CMS01/09/2019 11:11 am
1876 SupportNouveauMediumWhat’s product listing and how it can benefit me in my online business?01/14/2019 12:02 pm
1874 SupportNouveauMediumWhich Is the Best Frame work to Support the SEO Services10/04/2018 12:31 pm
1868 BugNouveauMediumsort of the layout:collection gives system error on coming back using browsers back button [Unknown user]07/19/2018 12:57 pm
1866 BugNouveauMajorItems with nestedCollections that are empty distort tables12/19/2018 01:23 pm
1039 BugNouveauMedium<layout:collectionItem sortable="true" not working in some scenario [Rathakrishnan]10/13/2018 05:26 pm
1038 BugNouveauMediumlayout:nestedCollection and layout:collectionInput "Using together bug" [nnn]11/16/2018 10:05 am
1037 BugNouveauMedium<layout:html> tag always puts <base href=".."> in html rendered page [Marcello]11/16/2018 07:01 am
1036 BugNouveauMajorProblem with javascript sort when using CollectionTitle [Olivier BUTTERLIN]12/18/2018 01:12 pm
1034 BugNouveauMediumLocale-aware parsing of form data [Knut Erik Ballestad]12/09/2018 03:22 pm
1030 BugNouveauMediumMode= N in collectionInput Tag doesn't render the item at all in the jsp instead of making it just Not Visible [Albino Soave]08/13/2018 07:23 pm
1029 BugNouveauMedium[Layout tagLib combined with HTML tagLib] [Unknown user]12/22/2018 02:32 pm
1027 BugNouveauMediumlayout:image lacks tittle and tittleKey attributes [Xavi Drudis Ferran]01/05/2019 06:26 am
1026 BugNouveauMajormalformed XHTML generated when XHTML enabled [Xavi Drudis Ferran]11/29/2018 01:00 pm
1025 BugNouveauMediumSuggestion for next release [Unknown user]01/11/2019 08:31 pm
1024 BugNouveauMajorCollectionDetail doesn't work if you don't use default el.character in the skin configuration file [Albino Soave]01/11/2019 08:31 pm
1023 BugNouveauMinorthe xml attribute reqCode must be explicited in the tag <layout:form ...> [maxime]01/14/2019 11:41 am
1022 BugNouveauMajorfont size and alignment problem where CollectionItem is set to sortable=true [Unknown user]01/11/2019 08:30 pm
1021 BugNouveauMajor<layout:detail> - how to change the width and set to rows [Unknown user]12/14/2018 07:00 am
1020 BugNouveauMediumCheckbox tag and value of true [Unknown user]01/11/2019 08:29 pm
1019 BugNouveauMediumBasicCollection issue with style class [Unknown user]01/11/2019 08:28 pm
1018 BugNouveauMajorStruts layout ---- <layout:Collection sortAction="client" > --- Change my URL [Unknown user]12/26/2018 12:40 pm
1017 BugNouveauCriticalError compiling struts layout tld in Weblogic 8.1SP3 [Shakun Mahajan]09/14/2018 02:45 pm
1016 BugNouveauCriticalError compiling struts layout tld in Weblogic 8.1SP3 [Shakun Mahajan]01/17/2019 06:57 am
1015 BugNouveauMediumddd [Jean-Noël Ribette]11/09/2018 12:27 pm
1014 BugNouveauMediumtest [Jean-Noël Ribette]08/28/2018 01:41 pm
1013 BugNouveauMediumCollectionItem always use UTF-8 instead of the encoding of the page [Guillaume Côté]01/17/2019 12:37 pm
1012 BugNouveauMajordynamically rendered tabs; Problem with combining <layout:collection> and <layout:tabs> [Martin]10/25/2018 02:43 pm
1011 BugNouveauMajorLayout:date : Selextbox don't reappear when the calendar's div is closed [Simon Guérard]10/24/2018 08:36 am
1010 BugNouveauMajorStruts-layout - datagrid error [glo marin]11/17/2018 04:44 pm
1009 BugNouveauMediumFormUtilsInterface is not complete... [Peter Fassev]11/02/2018 07:47 am
1008 BugNouveauCriticalFormUtils is usind unsynchronized HashMap in the session scope [Peter Fassev]11/16/2018 09:09 am
1007 BugNouveauMajorActionTag and CollectionInputTag uses direktly FormUtils instead of FormUtilInterface [Peter Fassev]02/27/2007 03:22 pm
1006 BugNouveauMedium<layout:optionsDependent> tag not working [Unknown user]12/11/2018 02:17 pm
1005 BugNouveauMediumAttribute target not available in tag layout:tab [Unknown user]01/23/2007 02:55 pm
1004 BugNouveauMediumDatagrid can´t support asigned values from FORM side, when the object is composite with other object. [guillermo]12/19/2018 03:22 pm
1003 BugNouveauMajorDatagrid: deleted element not work, js error [guillermo]10/01/2018 12:30 pm
1002 BugNouveauMajorNavigation impossible dans la collection d'une popup [Jean-Francois]09/19/2006 04:40 pm
997 BugNouveauMajorfilter="false" does not work in layout:collectionItem tag [Emmanuel Carjat]01/21/2019 10:24 am
995 BugNouveauMajorlayout:select unable to display ActionError message [Kurz Malenda]07/28/2006 06:04 pm
994 BugNouveauMajorlayout:select unable to display ActionError message [Kurz Malenda]07/28/2006 06:04 pm
993 BugNouveauMajorlayout:select unable to display ActionError message [Kurz Malenda]12/31/2018 05:07 pm
992 BugNouveauMediumlayout:pager and two tables - data lost [Alix Lourme]04/19/2006 04:21 pm
991 BugNouveauMajorlayout:collection & ActionChaining [Alix Lourme]12/08/2018 05:17 am
990 BugNouveauMediumwant astrik next to layout:select [rohit]01/14/2019 11:45 am
989 BugNouveauMajorBackslash not escaped within JavaScript strings [Jesse Skinner]01/10/2019 05:53 am
988 BugNouveauMediumWrong variable use in Skin.loadBundles [Peter Fassev]12/24/2018 06:15 am
987 BugNouveauMajorFail to check property my_check_property [Victor-Adrian Ichim]10/20/2018 01:11 am
986 BugNouveauMediumField messages in session scope are lost [Wilfried Reinoehl]12/30/2018 11:38 am
985 BugNouveauCriticalCollectionTag Problem with height and width params [Hugo Sacramento]09/12/2018 10:31 am
983 BugNouveauCriticalCollection Tag don't work with height and width values [Hugo Sacramento]12/31/2005 02:40 am
982 BugNouveauMediumCollectionTag should to scroll data only. [Hugo Sacramento]02/06/2006 06:14 pm
981 BugNouveauMinorlayout:collectionItem tag's sortable property causing faliure of applicaiton of style class for the title information [Unknown user]07/31/2018 01:30 pm
979 BugNouveauCriticalSorting fails with certain tiles names [Taher Badrakhan]01/23/2019 07:52 am
978 BugNouveauCriticalSorting fails with tiles after validation [Taher Badrakhan]12/05/2005 07:33 pm
977 BugNouveauMediumInitialisation exseption [Knut Erik Ballestad]12/22/2018 02:48 pm
976 BugNouveauMajorTitle loses style on CollectionItem when sortable=true [Angel]01/05/2019 07:55 am
975 BugNouveauMajorImpossible de dire à Struts-layout d'utiliser un fichier de propriétés particulier. [pascal jacob]11/14/2005 10:08 pm
974 BugNouveauMajorSorting on columns with links invalid [Woody Kneppreth]10/28/2005 05:47 pm
973 BugNouveauMediumnbm bnm, [Sriramulu]12/14/2018 07:54 am
972 BugNouveauMajorTwo pagers in the same (jsp) page : sort problem [Unknown user]12/29/2018 02:19 pm
971 BugNouveauMediumuse of LABEL tag, FIELDSET, CAPTION [Unknown user]11/28/2018 11:00 am
970 BugNouveauMediumonchange function on select is ignored when using dependsFrom and sourceOf [Unknown user]11/30/2018 01:19 pm
969 BugNouveauMediumExtraneous TD in treeview causing spacing issues in IE and Opera [Jesse Skinner]11/15/2018 04:48 pm
968 BugNouveauCriticalNullPointerException dans SorUtil.getSortState [Unknown user]09/11/2018 08:40 am
967 BugNouveauCriticalBug dans hideElement si doctype présent [Unknown user]10/13/2018 07:11 pm
966 BugNouveauMediumBug dazns hideElement [Unknown user]12/19/2018 02:18 pm
965 BugNouveauMajorThe isNumber function is wrong. [Unknown user]08/31/2005 06:20 pm
964 BugNouveauMajorHTML characters not filterd in CollectionInputTag [Unknown user]07/12/2018 01:49 pm
963 BugNouveauMajorpersistance of value in the checkboxes [malai]08/30/2018 12:58 pm
962 BugNouveauMediumto add a combo box in a datagrid is not possible now [malai]12/27/2018 07:21 pm
961 BugNouveauMediumThis feature permits to apply style (CCS) at pager previous and next key message href [Harold Da Costa Contreras]07/28/2005 05:36 pm
960 BugNouveauCriticalL'application plante lorsqu'on utilise le pager et qu'on fait un reload avec le navigateur [Philippe Dubois]01/07/2019 08:41 am
959 BugNouveauCriticalL'application plante lorsqu'on sort et qu'on fait un reload avec le navigateur [chris]07/13/2005 06:41 pm
958 BugNouveauMedium<layout:collection /> Erreur de style dans les titres des colonnes triables [Unknown user]11/01/2018 08:49 pm
957 BugNouveauMajorCannot reference bean using jsp tags within layout:collectionItem [Minal Nygaards]10/29/2018 04:33 pm
956 BugNouveauMedium"client" sortAction causes table to be sorted by the wrong column [Kris Sabourin]01/15/2019 01:31 pm
955 BugNouveauMediumJavascript sorting (wrong column) [Taher Baderkhan]07/17/2018 08:26 am
954 BugNouveauMediumJavascript sorting (wrong column) [Taher Baderkhan]01/21/2019 02:08 pm
953 BugNouveauMediumCollection and datagrid tag does not support the bundle attribute [Jean-Noël Ribette]06/14/2005 04:58 pm
952 BugNouveauMajorLayoutRequestProcessor does not work with action chaning [Jean-Noël Ribette]05/25/2018 08:34 am
951 BugNouveauMajorForm displaymode does not take into account the form scope, making it useless for non session scope forms [Delbecq David]12/24/2018 05:40 am
949 BugNouveauMediumAdd Struts Layout to the (a) maven repository [Brill Pappin]12/31/2018 12:35 pm
948 BugNouveauMediumvalidating attribute, maxlength is missing in datagridcolumntag [malai]05/26/2018 09:17 am
947 BugNouveauMediumlayout:form does not take an acceptCharset parameter [Delbecq David]05/26/2005 01:44 pm
946 BugNouveauMediumError reporting next to tag does not support custom resources bundles [Delbecq David]11/17/2018 08:08 am
945 BugNouveauMajorbasic attribute like align is not present in the CommonItemTag [malai]05/24/2005 02:26 pm
943 BugNouveauCriticalCRASH when using two nested collection [Stéphane Lacrampe]01/18/2019 08:40 am
940 BugNouveauMediumNot all tags in tld have "model" attribute defined [P Rogan]11/27/2018 02:19 pm
936 BugNouveauMediumIn input tags, size is not listed as a basic attribute [Unknown user]03/29/2005 10:48 am
935 BugNouveauMediumTags doen't have behaviour for all policies [Albert]01/15/2019 01:37 pm
933 Null formatter [bbc]10/31/2018 07:38 pm
932 BugNouveauMediumPlug-in for LayoutRequestProcesser [Rohit Shirodkar]11/05/2018 09:03 am
931 BugNouveauMajorlayout:select doesn't keep state while 'key' attribute presents [Alex Shatlovsky]03/16/2005 01:55 pm
930 BugNouveauMediumCould you add the html tag 'thead' and 'tbody' in tag 'table'? So that developer can control them with css to finish something. [modongsong]11/30/2018 11:49 am
929 BugNouveauMediumthe case for The attribute 'height' in tag 'layout:collection' invalid [modongsong]03/01/2005 08:20 am
928 BugNouveauMajorServer side Sorting with nested collections [Rohit Shirodkar]03/01/2005 02:19 am

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