Scope & purpose

Many companies have chosen Java as a robust, powerful and open language. They have also made the choice of open source to reduce costs and constraints. However, a Java project is often a technological challenge:
  • select open source frameworks is a difficult and risky task,
  • developpers must have high technical skills,
  • work on the architecture before development is essential and tedious,
  • every project can be done different ways with different frameworks,
  • technical assistance on open source is obtained through hazardous forums, when available,
  • technical choices made at the start of the project often seem outdated at the end - how maintenance can be achieved 5, 10 or 15 years later ?
Improve Foundations tends to provide facilities for the development of business applications based on the Java language and technology. In other words, it aims at:
  • providing a selection of efficient open source solutions, the compability between them being tested before release and proven by several real projects,
  • simplifying the use of these solutions enabling developpers to concentrate on the business aspects,
  • embeding an architecture implementation that is suitable for most business applications,
  • ensuring homogeneity between projects,
  • providing a unique technical assistance service on all the distribution for a long time period adapted to maintenance.

Improve Foundations is composed of a Core (IFC) which implements the main principles and architecture and some Extensions (IFE) providing useful complements to deal with classical needs in business applications. These elements, on top of other open source frameworks, are created and managed by the Improve Foundations project.

Getting started

Please read first this Introduction document to know more about it.

Then look at the documentation and download executable pieces to start working on a sample.

Do not hesitate to post questions in the forum if needed.


In this section, there are some articles about tricky points of the forge or Improve Foundations framework.

Corporate Edition

To know more about the extended Corporate Edition, please visit the website.
If you are a subscriber already, please go directly to the Corporate Edition project to access more material and services.


All material, binaries, source code and documentation, provided with Improve Foundations Open Edition is under the terms of the open source Eclipse Public Licence. Please note that the Corporate Edition is subject to other use conditions and rules.

Copyright owners of Improve Foundations artefacts are Open Wide Technologies and other contributors.


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