Bug #951

Form displaymode does not take into account the form scope, making it useless for non session scope forms [Delbecq David]

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[Delbecq David]
The form displaymode in FormUtils does store the display mode in session. This renders this marvelous feature useless when the form is not a session form. In the case of a pagescope session, the form then begin to mix session scope and page scope behaviour. If i switch the displaymode in an action, this is changed forever in the session, which is in contradiction with the fact the form should be page scoped (aka it should be a new form if i access the .jsp directly but it has the displaymode i last set). This is a sever problem imho if you want the same form to be used for creation and review, when the person creating a new entry need at the same time to look in readonly mode at another entry.


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