Bug #922

Problem with Swap Tag when specifying a "height" in Collection Tag [Abdelati]

Added by Old User about 14 years ago. Updated 22 days ago.

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The test has been done with the DemoServeurDeNews.war.
I just add the the height="100" in the template/discover.jsp file :

<% taglib uri="/WEB-INF/struts-bean.tld" prefix="bean" %>
taglib uri="/WEB-INF/struts-layout.tld" prefix="layout" >
@ page import="fr.improve.struts.taglib.layout.util.LayoutUtils" %>

<layout:form action="/discover" styleClass="FORM" reqCode="send">

&lt;layout:message key="discover.step.1" styleClass="LABELLEFT"/&gt;
&lt;layout:swap property="id,id" formProperty="ids1,ids2" selectedStyleClass="FORMSWAP"&gt;
&lt;layout:collection name="list1" styleClass="FORM" height="100"&gt;
&lt;layout:collectionItem title="news.title" property="title"/&gt;
&lt;layout:collectionItem title="news.subject" property="subject.name"/&gt;
&lt;layout:collection name="list2" styleClass="FORM" height="100"&gt;
&lt;layout:collectionItem title="news.title" property="title"/&gt;
&lt;layout:collectionItem title="news.subject" property="subject.name"/&gt;
&lt;layout:message key="discover.step.2" styleClass="LABELLEFT"/&gt;
&lt;layout:text key="discover.email" property="email" styleClass="LABEL"/&gt;
&lt;layout:message key="discover.step.3" styleClass="LABELLEFT"/&gt;
&lt;layout:submit&gt;&lt;bean:message key="discover.action"/&gt;&lt;/layout:submit&gt;


The problem is : the two list are misaligned


Updated by Old User almost 14 years ago

The problem is due to the internal invisible combo (hiddenSelect) and the 'div'.
It can be solved putting the internal combo inside the div, just after the </table> tag and before the </div> tag.

Updated by Old User almost 14 years ago

Can't believe it!!!
More simple than this: between </table> and </div> put some tag.. for example  .
This can be done in method doEndPanel of BasicCollection...just put:

buffer.append(" </div>");

instead of


Updated by Old User over 13 years ago

[Unknown user]
about bug id 0000067 -> I solved this modifying the BasicCollectionTag.java.
In fact, when you specify the "height" attribute in the CollectionTag, a <div> tag was created before the definition of two tables even if the scrollable one is the second table, containing the collectionItems. When the 'swap' javascript function is executed, on the "insertBefore" instruction the two tables become misaligned.
SOLUTION: The solution was to post-pone the div tag before the second table. Note that this must be done in both doStartPanel and doEndPanel. If you want the code write to me at

Updated by Perry Peyton about 1 month ago

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