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<layout:html> tag always puts <base href=".."> in html rendered page [Marcello]

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I'm using struts-layout version 1.2 patched for struts 1.1 and version 1.3.
In both versions I encountered a problem:
the <layout:html> tag puts a "<base href="...">" header tag in html rendered page.
It causes some problems with a reverse-proxy server that redirects all the requests of browsers to a security system in my System configuration
My request is: can the <base> tag be removed or be rendered optionally, (e.g. configuring a parameter in struts-layout.properties)?
Thanks in advance.

Fix.zip (8.6 kB) Old User,


Updated by Old User almost 9 years ago

I made the fix I requested and I sent it in the attached zip file.
The changes I made are:
1. In the Struts-layout.properties of my application I added a new property: base.tag.required=true/false
2. In the Skin class the new property is read
3. In the doStartLayoutTag() method of HtmlTag class the base tag is appended if required.
I submit my fix for your approval.
Thanks in advance.

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Any news?
Our issue start becoming urgent
please let me know something

Updated by Old User over 8 years ago

Any news?

Updated by Old User over 8 years ago

[Gilles Rossi]

Firstly, I'm sorry for the delay and I thank you for your work.

Your fix seems to be OK and will be integrated in a future release of Struts-Layout (not yet scheduled). It means your fix will not be included in 1.2 and 1.3 branches.

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