WaitWindow in Chrome

Added by Frédéric Viollet over 6 years ago

Hi everybody,

I have been using the Rialto javascript API for a while now to develop an AJAX-based application.
It's working fine on FireFox and IE, but I still have some problems supporting Chrome.
Indeed, when I call an AjaxRequest with a WaitWindow, the WaitWindow just doesn't appear...
Has anyone also noticed this behaviour?


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RE: WaitWindow in Chrome - Added by Sherin Samm 6 months ago

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RE: WaitWindow in Chrome - Added by Abdul Hadi 4 months ago

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RE: WaitWindow in Chrome - Added by neil jakson about 1 month ago

I created a test that clicks on a link that opens a new tab. I want to verify that the new tab is on the right url, so i switch to the new WebHandle